Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Unlock Dell M3800 with 1f66 Bios or Hard drive password

Unlock Dell M3800 with 1f66 Bios or Hard drive password
Go to:, on the site look for the option to buy  1f66 bios or hdd passwords !

they  can provide such passwords.

Supported Laptop Models for 1F66:

Dell Latitude: 3340, 3550, E5440, E5450, E5250, E5550, E6440, E6540, E7440, E7240, E7250, E7450, Latitude 15 series 5000,

Unlock Dell precision: M6800, M2800, M3800, M4800

unlock dell Inspiron: 5558

Unlock dell xps: 13 9343

unlock Dell Venue: 11 Pro 5130
This laptops are known to use this new Algorithm  based on year 2014 !

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Good luck and take care !